Get Some, Pistons fans!

21 Jun

Those that faithfully follow the Pistons have endured some tough times.  There was the Teal Jersey era, during which Grant Hill’s prime years were spent donning a questionable uniform.  Around the time we came to our senses and went back to the classic red/white/blue, we were slapped with the Mateen Cleaves, Rodney White, and Darko Milicic draft selections, and had to endure Michael Curry-the Binary Man himself-in the starting lineup.  After a handful of long playoff runs, we witnessed Joe Dumars cling onto the successes of the 2004 roster with sacrificial lamb coaches in Michael Curry (seriously, what is it with this guy?) and John Kuester.  As if that weren’t enough, we lost our beloved owner William Davidson, the overseer of three world championships, and were stuck in limbo for the entire 2010-2011 season.

There’s nowhere to go from here but up, my friends.  We have a new owner, also with deep pockets in Tom Gores.  We’re searching for a new coach, hopefully one with a backbone that won’t lose the players like our last three coaches (in four seasons, no less) had.  We have the #8 draft pick to add to a core of players 28 years old or younger in Ben Gordon, Will Bynum, Charlie Villanueva, Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko, Austin Daye, and Greg Monroe.

Suddenly, it’s promising to be a Pistons fan again.  We have a horrible logjam of SGs and PFs…without a true PG…and a messed up salary distribution…yet despite better judgment I choose to be optimistic and start a blog.

Get some.

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