The Case for a Third Draft Round

27 Jun

The second round of the 2011 NBA draft was downright silly.  Several foreign prospects were selected, many of which will likely never come stateside, while many local prospects went undrafted.  Michigan State saw Kalin Lucas and Durrell Summers go sixty picks without hearing their names called.  Greg Smith out of Fresno State, Scotty Hopson of Tennessee, Demetri McCamey of Illinois, Malcolm Thomas of San Diego State University, and many more have seen a wrench thrown in their NBA plans, while a player who wasn’t even eligible for the NBA draft was selected in Targuy Ngombo.

If I were drafting a new CBA, I would include a third round.  In doing so, I would alter the rights and privileges granted to those drafted in the second round.  In order to better cultivate local talent, second round draft picks would be guaranteed a contract with the NBDL affiliate team of the NBA club that drafted them.  In this setup, all the local fans in Ohio that are shocked about David Lighty being passed up sixty times could have instead seen him drafted where Milan Macvan was, as the third round would unofficially be a draft-and-stash round where major projects are selected.  The NBDL would benefit from having “big names” play for them, the draftees would benefit from having a contract and the chance of getting called up to the big leagues, and we as fans wouldn’t see our favorite college players immediately fade into obscurity by virtue of playing overseas.


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